Official 2017 Inspirational Dream Team!

The Dream Team

I love sharing the stage year on year with these two amazing women - Hannah Harazawa and Tracey Radford. I am inspired by them and I know that the 200 Year 13 girls that we speak to every year at Wallington Grammar Girls school are truly inspired too.

Hannah’s personal story is simply incredible. She’s one determined woman and is making her mark at Investment Bank, Nomura! She reminds me to make the most of the present, to look forward (not back) and have high ambitions for the future. She’s confident, bright and is taking steps to make the world a better place for all of us.

Tracey is a clear, confident leader in every respect. She is THE Chief Engineering Geologist at Atkins and leads huge teams of scientists nationally and internationally. She gives great tips on becoming “all round awesome” and some seriously good guidance for figuring out your life path. Tracey is down to earth, really fun and incredibly smart with it!

Personally - I know that I’ve done loads of things in my life journey and it continues to be an incredible adventure. Life definitely begins at 40. I believe the audience liked my “Top Tips for Ambitious Young Women” - they certainly laughed, scribbled notes and cheered in all the right places! I didn’t plan it, but I now know it is possible to get multiple cheers from teenagers at 9:10am! All round awesome :-)

Hannah, Tracey, Nicolina - The Official 2017 Inspirational Dream Team - That picture says it all! Positive role models for the next generation. I look forward to presenting with them again next year and finding out the next episode in their journeys.

I encourage ALL of you reading this to get out there into society and give something back to our young (Ahem - “younger”) people. A talk in a school, help out at a careers convention or even do a bit of mentoring. If we each inspire even ONE young person - imagine what the future will look like …

If you’re a Chamber member and would like to help out with assisting on our Young Chamber programme contact Dr Helen Gray at London Chamber via email on

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