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One of the 'extra curricular' activities I do involves giving talks in schools, inspiring students to achieve great things. This week, I gave a talk at Wallington Girls School on the subject of 'Top Tips for Ambitious Young Women'. This topic is totally transferrable! The more I speak on this topic, the more I realise that these points aren't only applicable to young people preparing to leave school, they apply to all of us! Here's a summary of the points I made in the talk....

Have a plan... but be flexible.

Its good to have a plan - but what will life throw at you? Be flexible and able to roll with real life!

Do something you enjoy

You'll be doing it for a long time so make sure you enjoy it!

Take tips from the boys!

Guys are really good at blagging it (come on - you know its true!). If a guy knows he can do 60% of a job - he'll go for it!

Aim high

Set your sights high - whether it be top job, pay, expectations. Aim for 100% and if you don't get 100% you'll get something on the way down.

Confidence is essential

Enough said. If you don't have confidence in you, then why should anyone else have confidence in you?

Get your moral compass straight

You are going to be faced with difficult situations that are going to test who you are. If you have a belief system its worth getting familiar with it so you are armed for when the test comes!

Surround yourself with good people

Good people are those that tell you what you need to hear, when you need to hear it! They lift you up when you're down and give you that hug just when you need it. Surround yourselves with those people.

Have a life, it's not just about grades and promotions!

Life is to be enjoyed and life is better when its in balance. It IS important to work hard - but its also important to play and have fun do. Your spirit and soul will thank you.

...And finally, be happy!

What do you think? Are there are any points you'd add to the list? Was there ever a piece of advice you were given when you were young that's served you well through the years? I'd love to know!

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