Guest blog: My life as a Marketing and Communications Consultant (... and hard working mum!)

Hello, I’m Emma. I'm a Marketing and Communications Consultant and mum to two "adorable" and demanding young children! After my second child, I was still very keen to make the most of the skills that I had picked up during my professional working life so I started my own gig a few months back now, working on social media, digital communications, blogging, copywriting.

It's been a massive learning curve moving from employment to self-employment but I have to admit that it’s been great! I’ve really been enjoying working with a variety of clients from different sectors with different aims and goals. It’s been fascinating to broaden my horizons from my media heavy background and have to be working in whole new worlds I’ve never even peeped into before! But - its amazing what you can do when you put your mind to it!

Whilst I do miss the camaraderie of life in an office environment - I am loving the time that I am spending with my children. The good days and the bad days - I will never get this opportunity again. Admittedly, its tricky balancing client requirements around play dates, cleaning, nappy changes and the endless Doctors appointments little ones need - but I am managing! This is the beauty of self employment. The flexibility it gives you is priceless.

I've learnt that working with local businesses, supporting their needs to get them some decent online coverage is really satisfying for me. Not having an office throws up some interesting options. My office this week can be seen in the picture above - sitting in a lovely restaurant with a diamond of a client, Nicolina Andall (Solicitor and working mother) having to stop ourselves laughing too loudly! We working mums need a support network! We were working on her monthly newsletter and an article about the new General Data Protection Regulations - honestly! We laugh and despair about our "challenging" children and manage to get the work done too.

There is a huge network of women out there just like us who fit work around our families, juggling every single day. But we are a great, multi-tasking, skilled and talented bunch!

If your business needs some help with social media coverage - I'm available to help. Contact me at and 07949 448699.

#Wellbeing #WorkingMum

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