Are you friendly and approachable?

LoL!  Yes.  Read our testimonials.

I'm not sure what advice I need but I do have a legal issue in my business ....

That's ok.  We have a lot of experience in business legal matters and can quickly figure out how we can help you.  .


How much will it cost?

It depends on how much advice or work that you need and the complexity of the issues faced.  In line with other firms, we tend to charge on an hourly rate basis.  We will always give an estimate where possible and will not go over that estimate without good reason and discussing it with you first.  We always do our best to deal with matters in a cost effective way.  We talk about costs at an early stage so feel free to raise budget early on.  

Are you available now?

I'm afraid, we are not currently accepting new instructions since Nicolina is on a long term consultancy arrangement.  Due to this, the firm will now be formally closed on 1 August 2019.