When your business starts to grow, we can help to support your growth, whilst protecting you and your business.  Here are just some of the ways we can help:


NDAs and Confidentiality agreements

Non-disclosure agreements or confidentiality agreements allow you to discuss sensitive and confidential information without the worry of those secrets leaking into the marketplace.  We can help you draft an appropriately worded agreement to highlight the rights and obligations in these circumstances.

Employment contracts and policies

We want you to understand the legalities behind the employment process; especially in regards to employee contracts and policies and procedures to protect your business. We will draft these contracts, policies and procedures for your peace of mind.



Understand the difference between a contractor and an employee and secure some assistance with putting consultancy agreements in place to protect your business in the event something goes wrong. 


Due diligence

There are many things to research and validate during a third party business partnership, joint venture, merger, or acquisition. We can help you navigate this process so you understand who you’re going into business with.


Joint ventures

If you’re considering working alongside another individual or company, you’ll need to consider how this works in practise from branding to billing,  from who holds responsibility. We help you with this to avoid pitfalls, as well as put contracts in place and lead negotiations.



There are various means when acquiring funds for the expansion of your business, helping you understand the pros and cons, contractual obligations and potential impact behind this, in a clear and easy way.