Early considerations

It is always best to put the legal fundamentals in place when you start your company, so you are ready for business, including:

Shareholders' agreement

If you’re thinking of setting up your own limited company with others, this agreement allows key considerations to be discussed up front between shareholders in regards to the way the business is set up, how it should be run, and how future changes can be managed.  Importantly it sets out “exit ramps” for how individuals can leave the business in an amicable and straightforward fashion without upsetting the day to day running of the business.


Non-disclosure agreements assist companies to hold involved discussions with third parties whilst protecting confidential and sensitive information. We offer advice on when you need such agreement and can either advise on the terms of an NDA or propose a sensible agreement if necessary.


Raising legal awareness

We provide support to our clients to ensure they are aware of legal considerations that they need to take into account during their business dealings and understand the legal obligations of any agreements they may be entering into.

Due diligence

There are many things to research and validate during a third party business partnership, joint venture, merger, or acquisition. We can help you navigate this process, so you understand who you’re going into business with.

Intellectual Property

In a nutshell, this is about helping you understand how to safe-guard your original creations, whether that be manuscripts or a new invention, or an original design and logo.  We can provide guidance on how the law can help you with your ideas.


Standard Terms and Conditions

Terms and conditions are critical for the protection of your business; they clarify the rights and obligations between yourself and a client.  If things do go wrong a good set of T&Cs lowers risk, aids resolution, and helps you recover losses.


Data Protection

Any organisation that collects personal data for example, information that can identify an individual like their name and address, should consider if they need to register with the ICO (Information Commissioners Office  https://ico.org.uk/ ).  This will require an understanding of and application of data protection law to the way your business operates.  Let us know if you require any assistance with this.



Yes – Britain voted to leave the European Union!  It goes without saying that this has been a shock to Britain and the world.  However, it is important that we all keep calm, unite, be productive and carry on. Whilst there will be change in our UK domestic law, the detail of this will only become clearer over time and we must remember that as long as England trades with the EU – we will likely have to comply in any event!  Do feel free to call us to discuss any concerns you may have as to the impact on your business.