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Dispute resolution and avoidance

Although it’s best to avoid disputes with clear legal documents and transparent honest relationships, disputes will still arise.

Nicolina Andall originally qualified as a City Litigator and as a result is firmly of the opinion that time, effort and money are better spent focusing on working smart first time round.  


In practice - this means being clear on your relationships with third parties by having something in writing that defines that relationship from the outset.  Ideally that means having terms and conditions that both parties actually understand, ensuring that the parties work to them and dealing with minor issues as they arise.

However we are realists and recognise that sometimes, people just fall out and relationships break down.


We are experienced in helping our clients with the practical steps of resolving disputes without venturing into the lengthy process of litigation.  Yes - it still takes a bit of time and money, but we are confident that we can help you:

1.  Clarify your rights and options

2.  Negotiate your position yourself

3.  Act on your behalf if necessary

Call us with your legal problem and we can discuss how we can help you avoid formal, lengthy Court proceedings.  If you do need to take this route - we can signpost you on to litigators that we know. 

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