Navigating the field of Construction law can be complex since it has its own legislation to comply with where construction operations are concerned. It is sensible to engage the services of a specialist construction lawyer.


Nicolina Andall has extensive expertise and experience in construction and engineering law, working with major property developers, employer, client, consultant, contractor and sub-contractor parties over the years:


Contracts & agreements

Strong, precise and legally compliant contracts to safeguard you and your business.  Long standing experience in one-off and framework contracts.

Bonds and Guarantees

Often required by banks and funders.  These documents can often have profound potential impact on companies and directors giving these heavy weight agreements.  Many organisations require you to get legal guidance on these agreements and we can help with this.

Consultant Appointments

This is for the array of consultants that we have in the industry including: architects, civil and structural engineers, mechanical & electrical engineers, planning consultants etc… the list goes on. A consultancy appointment is important because it provides clarity for the client and the consultant particularly in respect of the services, liability, limitation, IP issues, payment obligations etc. Your bespoke agreement is drafted to meet your needs or we can advise on the appropriateness of the standard forms available.

Building contracts

We explain, amend and draft JCT (Joint Contracts Tribunal) documents which cover an array of construction contract needs.  Happy to help with Schedules of Amendments.

Collateral Warranties

A standard requirement by funders, purchasers and tenants on larger schemes.  Short documents that are of significant importance -  very easy to get wrong without expert guidance.  

Back-to-back contracts

Often in use when the main contractor wishes to subcontract all or part of its obligations under a main contract on a back-to-back basis.  Rest assured that you are protected as this works in conjunction within the main contract.

PQQ - Pre-qualification questionnaire

This is implemented during times when suppliers or contractors: bid for work, apply for an approved suppliers list, or for an accreditation scheme.  PQQs can be used in both public and private sectors and must be filled out before commencement of work. We go beyond the minimum asked, offering hands on assistance, allowing you to demonstrate why your business is the best choice and helping you to comply with this critical gateway stage.

Supplier contracts

By having a supplier contract in place, you’re ensuring the vital terms and conditions for your agreement with the supplier are understood, avoiding disputes and protecting your business as well as your clients.

Recently we were requested to assist a Central London business with a personal guarantee document required by an International bank providing a high value loan facility to the business. 
We carefully explained the legal ramifications of the set of documents being guaranteed and the personal impact the guarantee would have on the director in the event the guarantee were called in. The work was done both in writing and by conference call over the course of 48 hours to allow the facility to be put in place in the time period required.