Business as usual


In the day-to-day running of your business, there will be legal matters that arise that we can help you with, including:

Changing your business structure

If you are considering changing the structure of your business, we will take you through the different options – for example moving to a limited company, limited liability partnership, partnership, sole trader, Group Companies – so that you can decide which best meets your needs. We can then help you make those legal entity changes.


Due diligence

There are many things to research and validate during a third party business partnership, joint venture, merger, or acquisition. We can manage this process for you, so you understand who you’re going into business with.

Bids and tenders

For businesses seeking to bid or tender for work – whether it be to other companies or local authorities, government bodies -  there are plenty of legal considerations to take into account all the way from PQQ (Pre qualification questionnaires) through to Contract Award.  Public procurement legislation particularly applies if you are dealing with a local authority or government body.  We provide guidance regarding the bidding process to help you win the business and build a successful business relationship.


Bribery act 2010

It’s a legal requirement for all organisations and supply chains to maintain an anti-bribery policy. We ensure you can demonstrate: correct conduct, due diligence and procedure whilst highlighting the key differences between a commission and a bribe.